Hoo boy, it’s been a long year. I haven’t posted for a whole year, but it’s been busy! Got married myself, bought a house, and meanwhile doing event photography and second shooting on the side. But this isn’t about me…

I grew up with Katie and we had adventures through high school and college. And now I’m married and she’s about to be! It’s kind of nice growing up. Katie and Ryan are a lovely couple, both of the law persuasion with big futures ahead of them. Our first stop was Sunol, which is always a joy to shoot. In the middle of the bustling Bay Area, Sunol’s somehow fended off the developers, and remains a truly small town while the world spins around it. After a short stay there we rolled out to Coyote Hills in Fremont, one of my favorite spots in the area. It consists of a few large bumps of earth that landed along the otherwise level bay. It’s surrounded by marsh and avian life, and the panorama of human activity going on in the Silicon Valley, but remains itself a sanctuary, full of crazy rock formations and dripping with gold during the sunset. A fitting place for an outdoorsy pair.Katie & Ryan's Wedding - Sunol and Fremont, California - 9.29.2013

Katie & Ryan’s Wedding – Sunol and Fremont, California – 9.29.2013

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