This is Betty & Thomas.  These guys were special to shoot, since they reminded me a bit of myself and the fiancee – the the sort of couples that just have fun with each other when they’re out, laughing,  joking, getting cuddly with each other wherever they are.  Ah, love :)

We got some pretty cool light that day, beginning from an overcast and windy oceanside shot near Sutro baths, (featuring some great parasurfers that dotted our backgrounds with rainbow kite sprinkles), to the painted ladies at Alamo Square, ending with some night shots at the Ferry Building.

For the technically minded, I also had a chance to get some cool shots in with the latest addition to my family, the Takumar 135mm f/2.5.  This lens offers nice warm colors, good contrast, and as with all the Takumars I’ve tried so far, great quality bokeh.  I don’t often play with longer lens, but I’m really liking the isolation you can create with the depth of field.

Well, I’m taking a little bit of a break from photography till the weather warms up again.  My fiancee and I are getting close to buying our first house, we’ve got our own wedding to plan for, and we’ve got some big projects going at work.  Alas!  Till next time!Betty & Thomas

Betty & Thomas Engagement – San Francisco, California